Who’s The Man? – Short

Corporate Video Production

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Film Video Production:

We shot this video on 8mm film stock in a beautiful location out in Vista, California.

This particular project had some specific requirements to shoot everything in order (which is not normal), not use any artificial lighting, and no sound or dialog.

The digital footage we got back from the film to DVD transfer house was particularly challenging to work with. It was extremely jumpy, the footage flashed, colors were off, etc. We spent a lot of time in post production stabilizing the footage, color correcting, and cutting around film jumps and flashes in order to smooth out this final piece.

Cast & Crew

(in order of appearance)
Joel                     Benjamin Fogelstrom
Dylan                    Samantha Johnson
Bruce                    George Lofland
Waiter                   Shane Chase

Director                 Cory Petkovsek
Writer                   Samantha Johnson
Director of Photography  Jessica Seda  
Set Designer             Lisa Schreifels

"Somewhere Sunny"
"There is Romance"       Kevin MacLeod

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Carlton Lear
Director of Distribution