The Tarot Reading – Short

Corporate Video Production

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Short Film:

This is a trailer for a short film I directed. We shot it on the Red One. The film was shown at the LA Femme International Film Festival held in Los Angeles. Contact me to view the complete screener.


A businessman goes to a tarot card reader hoping for advice on the stock market, but finds himself looking for meaning after receiving the 'death' card.

Production Information

We produced this film for our entry in the 48 Hour Film Project, an international film festival. We wrote, shot and edited it in 48 hours! (We've since taken more time to polish the editing.)

In order to ensure the contestants do all creative work during the contest, each team picks a genre out of a hat and is given certain elements to place into the movie. We pulled Drama and had to include a crayon, a character Amy Belanger who is a historian, and a line of dialogue, "That's not what I meant." See if you can spot them in the film!

We shot on location in Encinitas and Solana Beach, California. In addition to the 48 hours, significant time was spent preparing the crew and equipment, as well as final editing, color grading and sound design afterward.

There were about 40 entries in the San Diego contest alone, which included a lot of great films. We all had a great time pulling together and creating something so quickly.

Cast & Crew

Our cast and crew consisted of 30 fantastic people from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Taiwan.

CAST (links to IMDB)

Eric Jones		Eric Poppick
Tarot Card Reader	Sandra Ellis-Troy
Steven			Stefan Cap
Mrs. Belanger		Antoinette Oesterleinz
News Reporter		Mei-Ling Downey
Neighbor #1		Krishna Jehoshua
Neighbor #2		Katie Franke
Gardener #1		Kyle Lawrence Wright
Gardener #2		Shane Chase
Housekeeper		Lynae DePriest 
Lily			Ally Blumenfeld

CREW (links to websites)

Director 		Cory Petkovsek
Producer / Writer 	Alia Ella Henderson
Director of Photography Aaron Moorhead
Editor 			Cory Petkovsek
Editor 			Hunter Venable
Assistant Director 	Tommy Friedman
Script Supervisor 	Michael Jones 
Set Designer 		Thomas George 
Assistant Set Designer 	Veronica Lynn Harper 
Sound Recordist 	Jesse Watts 
Assistant Camera 	Mike Deas 
2nd Assistant Camera 	Greg Lefevre 
Gaffer 			Charlie Heimsath 
Key Grip 		Ricky "Azrael" Daniels 
Wardrobe / Prop Master 	Sylvia Enrique 
Makeup 			Afton A. Adams 
Production Assistant 	Krishna Jehoshua 
Production Assistant 	Michele Arnesen 
Production Assistant 	Yoni Baker 
Production Assistant 	Katie Franke
Sound Designer 		Dominic Pesce
Opening Titles 		Light Ray Visual Effects

Special Thanks to Craig M. Hart.  

Shot on the Red One camera.

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