The Services Of A Professional Corporate Video Production Company

Video has become one of the most engaging media that is today used by professional video companies on behalf of their clients. There is a reason for this – chief amongst these being that in the age of social media if companies do not employ video there is every reason that consumers will not engage with their key messages.

These key messages are the way organizations engage with both their current consumer base – and those who would be interested in both products and services. Social Media video engages according to the rule of three. The first tier of the marketing mix is the idea that the written word can engage the reader. But, this is the key point – ‘reader’. It is becoming increasingly rare that consumers have the energy or time to read large blocks of text. So the next tier is the still image – those can engage the reader in an experience that offers more value add than the printed word alone. However, it is when all of these elements are combined that the true value of marketing comes to the fore.

The value of video should not be underestimated – when combined with quality in house produced content – and the correct SEO treatment, it attracts more attention than any piece of content. The ability of video to elicit comment and enable feedback from consumers is simply unmatched.

However – as they say in those classic Superhero movies – ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Those who want to engage the services of a great video production company have to be extremely careful. If they are partnering with a video company they need to ensure that get two things absolutely correct. The first is a list of key messages – the second is a great brief. Those companies that ignore these requirements may encounter messaging problems on Social Media some of which are not easily reversed.

The company must ensure that its strategic approach and their tactical plans are completely aligned. So any communication professional who is considering retaining the services of a video production company needs to have the absolute assurance that the service provider will deliver – on time and within budget.

So what do you need from your professional video production company?

In the first instance, they need to offer a turnkey service. It is always preferable to retain the services of a company that can provide an end to end service. From advice on scripting to the correct camera crew and the provision of lighting and the correct setting and much more. The company should be able to apply the best technology to post-production and provide a finished product.

That product needs to be applicable to online use – as well as for internal and external communication channels. In order to do this, they need to know those important communication drivers. They have to be prepared to not only be a video production service provider – they have to be prepared for a long term relationship as a partner to the business.

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