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The Tarot Reading – Short

Short Film: This is a trailer for a short film I directed. We shot it on the Red One. The film was shown at the LA Femme International Film Festival held in Los Angeles. Contact me to view the complete screener. Synopsis A businessman goes to a tarot card reader hoping for advice on the […]

Who’s The Man? – Short

Film Video Production: We shot this video on 8mm film stock in a beautiful location out in Vista, California. This particular project had some specific requirements to shoot everything in order (which is not normal), not use any artificial lighting, and no sound or dialog. The digital footage we got back from the film to […]


Digital Video Production at the Wild Animal Park: This short video was produced on the spur of the moment when we had an opportunity to go backstage in the cheetah pit at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, California. The three female cheetahs, Etana, Poyo and Mombe were just like big kitties! Etana is the […]

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