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Energy Company Investor Pitch

This client wanted us create a video to attract investors. They are gearing up to produce materials that are critical for America's green high technology future. This video discusses the resources they have to make that happen.

Insurance Company Commercials

This insurance solutions company had us create a series of 5 sales videos discussing various aspects of their business. This is one of them.

Traffic Commercial Animation

Animated Commercial Video Production: This client hired us to create a hand drawn animation to promote their service. We setup lights and a stop motion camera to record the artist then digitally animated the frames. We created both english and spanish versions of the video with corresponding voice over artists.

Corporate Video Commercial

Commercial Video Production: This 30-second spot was created specifically to broadcast on digital signage around town and advertise our business. We used a lot of motion graphics, a little bit of client footage and some sound effects to bring it all together. Though the ad will be played silently, the sound effects make it fun […]

Plumbing Commercial

Commercial Video Production: This is Tom Friedman's client: a plumber based in San Diego. We produced this web commercial for his marketing campaign. What I did: I helped Tom film the skit, I managed the green screen shoot, then I compiled this video with color grading and motion graphics.

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