Base Jumping Training DVD

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Training DVD Production:

This client specializes in the manufacture of high performance parachutes specifically designed for B.A.S.E jumping: the community who jumps off of bridges (B), antennae (A), structures and buildings (S), and earth or cliffs (E). They tell me you don't start BASE jumping until you've performed at least 100 sky dives in order to develop the requisite experience!

They tell me that in sky diving you might have a minute of free fall time, then pull the chute at about 2000 feet. When BASE jumping you usually start well below 2000 feet. Thus ensuring the parachute unfolds and expands out of the container in short order is absolutely critical for safety. This means the parachute must be packed properly to begin with.

They hired us to develop a training DVD that would show their clients how to safely and effectively pack their parachutes.

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